Self Mastery

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35. Time Mastery

“Time Mastery” and the three areas to improve time management – Self, Planning, Delegation.

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The ActionLIST is used to write down, at the end of each day, what actions need to be accomplished the next day.

Default Diary

One of the best ways to manage time is to use a “Default Diary.” The Default Diary is used to create the ideal calendar, including all the activities that you need to do on a regular basis to be successful. It is then used as a guide when scheduling yo …

Task Log & Analysis

Keep a log of your tasks and analyze how you are “spending” your time. This can allow you to find the tasks to delegate, or outsource, to be the most effective.

Time Allocation Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to track the allocation of your time.

Time Grid

Daily Schedule Template in Excel

Time Target

How to map out your time to be your most effective.

Value-Skill Graph

Where do your tasks lie on the graph?

Weekly Action Plan

Use this spreadsheet to create a weekly action plan to accomplish your goals.

Weekly To Do List

Use this form to create a weekly list of actions aligned with your goals and purpose.

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