Money Mastery

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23. Money Flow

Learn the concept of Money Flow and how money actually works, as well as incorrect and “correct” money flow.

32. Money Mastery: Part One

Did you know that there can be a cost to chaos? Poor financial management is a leading cause of chaos and eventually, business failure.

33. Money Mastery: Part Two

Break-Even Mastery, the point at which companies start making money. Break Even or else. Think about your fixed costs and gross profit and watch and learn.

34. Money Mastery: Part Three

Reporting Mastery: the four areas of reporting that can increase profits in business: the Profit and Loss Report, the Balance Sheet Report, the Cashflow Report and the Budget Report.

59. Wealth Creation

Brad Sugars details the process of wealth creation, the concept of money and offers different strategies for investing.

77. Getting Out Debt

Brad Sugars discusses how to get out of debt and shows step-by-step how a couple erased their debt. He outlines the importance of living within one’s means.

Other Resources

Acquisition Cost Formula

Spreadsheet for determining the acquisition cost of your clients/customers

Getting Out of Debt

Brad Sugars method of getting out of debt.

Managing the Cash Trap

Beware the Cash Trap understand how that works

Top 29 Ways to Increase Cashflow

Increase your cash flow in your business

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