Leadership and Team

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10. Making Dreams Come True

A simple 4-step formula for creating the life you want to have, designing your life and getting results through Idealization, Visualization, Verbalization and Materialization.

11. Quality of Life

A step-by-step on how to create success and how success creates a better quality of life.

12. Entrepreneurial Ladder

Becoming an Entrepreneurial doesn’t happen overnight, it is something you learn.

13. Specialist vs. Generalist

Moving from being a Specialist in a job to becoming a Generalist in the business world. The more you become a generalist the easier running a business becomes. 

17. Law of Vibration

The amount of energy, passion and enthusiasm you create determines how far your message goes.

18. Law of Vacuum

How the idea that everything grows to fill the available space relates to growing a business.

19. Boat vs. Train

Illustrating the difference between an employee and a business owner using the difference between a boat and a train.

20. Past, Present, Future

The three different areas (Past, Present and Future) of how people focus their lives and the best area for you.

24. The Definition of Business

There are lots of definitions of business out there. ActionCOACH has its own definition for business: a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

29. 6 Steps to Massive Results

Learn how your Massive Results can achieve predictable cash flow, eliminate chaos, create structure for growth, turn your business into a well-oiled machine, and help you the business owner achieve personal growth.

50. Prognostication: Leadership and Schooling

Brad Sugars explains how leadership has changed over time – from those with the biggest muscles to those with the biggest brain.

55. Thermo-Nuclear Dynamics and Perturbation

Brad Sugars outlines the “Generalized Principles” that are some of the fundamental ways that gauge success – including easily applicable ideas from Thermo-Nuclear Dynamics and the concept of Perturbation.

Other Resources

ActionCOACH Culture Statement

The ActionCOACH Culture Statement as an Example. We think this is the greatest and welcome you to change the name and use it for your businerss.

Creating a Vision and Mission

How to create your Vision and Mission

Job Description Template

A template for creating Positional Descriptions for your business

Job Specification Template

A template for creating Positional Descriptions for your business

Organizational Chart Example

An example of an Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Position Descriptions

Additional information for creating positional descriptions from your organizational chart

Position Description Guide

A guide for using the Positional Description Template

Position Description Template

A template for creating Positional Descriptions for your business

Position Description Worksheet

A Worksheet to use for creating Positional Descriptions for your business

Positional Description v2

A template for creating Positional Descriptions for your business

Values List

A list of values that you can use to determine your culture

Vision, Mission and Culture

Building the Vision, Mission and Culture for your business is critcal as the foundation of everything else that you do. This should be your number 1 priority

Your Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Development

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