Walk away from your Business for a Lifestyle of Dreams

Here are six tips for designing and implementing business strategies and systems that work – and earn more money – while their owners enjoy living out their dreams.

Smart business owners are always focused on profit. Without profit margins – regardless of how many sales transactions there are or how much the gross revenue increases – every business will eventually run itself into the ground. But intelligent entrepreneurs also understand that the key to overall success is to combine a profit-making strategy with a vision of personal fulfillment. To do that requires that the business generate profits while the business owner is enjoying life elsewhere – maybe on the beach with family, on the back nine at the golf course, on a trip to explore new and interesting investments in future businesses, or at home asleep. Yes, great entrepreneurs set up their companies so that they even generate cash flow while the owner is asleep. A superior business leader knows how to use waking hours for dreaming, and sleeping hours for banking profits. While that might sound crazy, becoming rich and living a lifestyle that fulfills one’s lifelong dreams may also sound far-fetched – unless one has the passion and ambition of pure entrepreneurship. To succeed beyond one’s wildest dreams requires a fresh way of looking at businesses, at the responsibility of ownership, and at the systems and goals of running a profitable organization. Here are six expert tips – including some that tend to run against the grain of conventional wisdom guaranteed to help one blaze a shorter and more enjoyable path to personal and professional satisfaction and financial wealth.

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