How Trade And Investments In Miami Tie Back To Your Business

There is a ring of excitement in the air in Miami. Every day the South Florida Business Journal, Florida Trends, the Miami Herald and other forms of media are reporting on business owners and investors from around the nation and around the world buying property, starting companies and expanding existing companies.

From the time I wrote Miami’s Economic Wave of Opportunity The 7 Step Small Business Readiness Guide back in the fall of 2012 until today, I am astounded by the staggering amount of money and massive interest the business and the investment world have in South Florida. What do investors know that you can benefit from? In this paper, I will expand on the essential context, explore additional opportunities and share with you the resources I’ve come across to aid you and your business to capitalize on this economic wave of opportunity. By doing the critical thinking, the necessary planning and taking action, these ideas can assist you and your small business in capturing a portion of the wealth being generated in South Florida, now and in the upcoming decade.

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