Getting The People And Success Equation Right To Ride The Wave

The Right People

First, getting the “right people” just this phrase alone contains several aspects to consider. Let’s begin with the attitude of the potential hire or team member. Are they truly inspired by your company’s vision, mission and culture, or are they just looking for a job? The “right person” is someone that is trustworthy and has good character. Stephen Covey Jr.’s book “The Speed of Trust” describes trustworthiness as a function of both character and competence. Character is broken down into integrity and intention. A definition of integrity we use, has to do with work ability, is a person doing what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and doing it as it was meant to be done. If for any reason they are not able to do what they said they would do, they are in communication about it and take responsibility for the impact on others. They take ownership, accountability and responsibility for themselves and their lives.

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