Five Mistakes In Team Building

Do you have a winning team? You can’t do everything in your business so having the right people behind you is vital. Building a successful business is a multi-layered task. Having a great product to sell is just the beginning. If you don’t know how to sell that product, you don’t have much of a business. More importantly, if you don’t have a strong team, you are probably stuck doing way too much of the grunt work. One of the biggest problems small business owners run into as they build their business is simply working too much IN their business rather than working ON it. Many small business owners don’t think they have the time to focus on the big picture. This is one of the biggest fallacies in the business world. There is time to focus on the big picture. Instead they are focused on what they have to do in the day to day operations of the business. This is a recipe for failure.

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