Delivery Mastery

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36. Delivery Mastery: Part One

the fourth fundamental of Mastery, “Delivery Mastery,” and three areas with Delivery Mastery – Supply, Quality and Easy to Buy. Brad discusses strategies to make sure the customer gets a consistent performance of the delivery of the product or service.

37. Delivery Mastery: Part Two

Service Mastery and the importance of creating good customer service for customers and clients. Service Mastery is about getting from chaos to control, getting predictable and consistent delivery of services to every customer.

Other Resources

9 Steps To Systemization

There are 9 Steps to Systemizing your business. Use this graphic as a roadmap.

Business Functional Chart

This Excel Spreadsheet is used to create a “Functional Chart” for your business. The Functional Chart allows you to create the organization of your business along functional lines.

Guide to Sytemizing Any Business

This guide will take you through the steps for systemizing your business.

Organizational Chart Example

An example of how to build your Organizational Chart

Systemizing The Business

This tool helps you to identify the Systems that will give you the biggest impact.

Systems Required by Every Business for Optimal Efficiency

Here is a list of systems that are required by every business. Use this list to get started systemizing your business.

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