Business Mastery

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01. A Bit About Learning

Understanding how we learn is critical to getting the most value out of any kind of learning or growing experience.

02. Above and Below The Line

Taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for results is a key aspect of succeeding.

03. Failure

How Failure, and how people use mistakes and failures, can be used to learn and apply those lessons for future success.

04. Isn’t That Interesting?

Learn to open up your mind and get the most out of learning.

05. Goals

Learn the process of setting goals and putting together a system to consistently attain those goals.

06. Games

How people play games can be a reflection of how they perform in business. People can learn a lot about themselves in how they play games.

07. Comfort Zone

Breaking out of our comfort zone in business is critical to being about the take the business to new levels of success.

08. Formula for Change

The only constant in life is change. The challenge in life is: Are we going to be proactive or reactive about change?

09. Why Do People Stay Where They

Fear motivates people to stay stagnant in life. A small amount of fear is healthy – encompassing your life in what COULD go wrong is never going to be a good thing.

30. 4 Areas to Mastery

Brad Sugars gives a description of first step of the 6 Steps, “Mastery,” and how to take a business from chaos to control.

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